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Antics Tapestries on Proantic - Louis 15th, Transition - 18th Century

Palampore Aux Coqs - Coromandel Coast Indies For The India Company Circa 1750

Circa 1720/1750 Indies For the French East India Company (?) Rare Palampore des Indes or tree of life, painted and etched on cotton from the Coromandel Coast Indies for the French or European market b[...]

Period : 18th century

Polychrome Tapestry Manufacture Royale Aubusson

Rare and beautiful polychrome tapestry in wool and silk woven at the Manufacture Royale d'Aubusson in the 18th century. It represents "The picking of apples" after the painter Jean-Baptiste Huet. A yo[...]

Period : 18th century

5300 €

Aubusson, "la Pêche Aux Carrlets" After Joseph Vernet

"La pêche aux carrelets" ("Fishing the plaices") Tapestry from the Aubusson royal factory (fragment), workshop of I. Fourie after a cardboard by Joseph Vernet. XVIIIth century. Very good condition[...]

Period : 18th century

Flemish Tapestry

 flemish tapestry genre scene (David Teniers)

Period : 18th century

13000 €

Tapestry End XVIIIth

Small tapestry from the end of the 18th century decorated with a pastoral scene in an idyllic landscape with a young shepherdess and two sheep around a richly flowered rosebush, in the style of Jean B[...]

Period : 18th century

800 €

Lambrequins In Chinoiserie In The Taste Looting - Europe Circa 1750

Circa 1750 England (?) Two Rare bed lambrequins in quilted Indian style with Chinese Chinoiserie decor probably around 1750. Wood-plank printing on cotton canvas in brown, purple, red and hand-brushed[...]

Period : 18th century

Set Of Six Leather Panels With Polychrome Decor

Beautiful Set of Six Panels in chiseled leather, gilded and painted "au naturel" with floral decoration on basketwork and flower patterned backgrounds. Frames in molded and gilded wood Southern Nether[...]

Period : 18th century

12000 €

18th Century Wool Tapestry With Floral Decorations And River Landscape

18th Century Wool Tapestry with Floral Decorations and River Landscape This large tapestry in wool was made in the Louis XV era, in the eighteenth century. It has a decoration inscribed inside a b[...]

Period : 18th century

8500 €

Tapestry 18th Century " The Triumph Of Apollo". 270cm / 197cm.

Tapestry 18th century "The Triumph of Apollo". 270cm / 197cm. The design is by Jan van Orley and Augustin Coppens. We guarantee 100\% refund (except transportation costs), if you are not satisfi[...]

Period : 18th century

11900 €

Chiné Silk Taffeta With Large Decor In Three Stripes - Lyon Louis XV Period

Circa 1750 - 1775 France Lyon Exceptional set of three strips mounted in heathered silk taffeta with a large decoration dating from the end of the Louis XV period. Between 67 and 70 cm wide, these dra[...]

Period : 18th century

Aubusson Tapestry, Allegory Of Summer.

18th century Aubusson tapestry in wool and silk, allegory of summer, restored and doubled a few years ago.

Period : 18th century

7500 €

Framed Tapestry, 18th

Framed tapestry, 18th

Period : 18th century

650 €

Cleaning And Restoration Tapestry Greenery

Beautiful example of Aubusson XVIII tapestry that we have restored. The photographs relate to cleaning and tapestries before and after restoration. Do not hesitate to send us photographs for an estima[...]

Period : 18th century

90 €

18th Century Aubusson Tapestry 'pastoral Scene'

Magnificent Aubusson tapestry in very good condition given its age.

Period : 18th century

Wool And Silk Tapestry, Vase Of Flowers, Aubusson XVIIIth Century

Wool and silk tapestry, Aubusson Felletin, mounted on chassis

Period : 18th century

1180 €

Tapestry Brussels Greenery Early XVIII Century

Beautiful tapestry from the workshops of Brussels representing a rooster protecting its hens against the attack of a sparrowhawk. Beautiful perspective with a beautiful mountain landscape and a castle[...]

Period : 18th century

9450 €

Great Aubusson Tapestry: Peacock Greenery, 450 Cm, XVIIIth Century

Large Aubusson tapestry in wool and silk representing greenery with peacocks and swans. Foliage trees in different shades of green. A bridge crosses a lake where two swans swim. We can see a castle in[...]

Period : 18th century

13000 €

Lambrequin In Canvas Of Orange Manufacture Wetter (?) - Eighteenth Century

Circa 1760/1780 France Rare lambrequin in canvas printed on the copper plate most probably from the Manufacture Wetter in Orange and dating from the second half of the 18th century.Toile to be compare[...]

Period : 18th century

Tapisserie d'Aubusson Polychrome XVIII ème

Tapisserie d'Aubusson polychrome d'Epoque Louis XV XVIII ème en laine et soie : "Le repos du chasseur" La tapisserie représente un chasseur se reposant avec son chien à ses pieds, face à lui un[...]

Period : 18th century

4200 €

Brussels Tapestry. XVIIIth Century.

Belle tapisserie de Bruxelles tissée finement en laine et soie d'après un carton de David Tenier (1610-1690 )"Les joueurs de cartes". La tapisserie est entourée d'une double bordure à l'imitati[...]

Period : 18th century

Valance Toile Of Nantes Swiss Landscape XVIII Cotton And Hemp

Very nice valance in Toile  of Nantes representing a Swiss landscape. This old stuff is lined with hemp. Beautiful decorative element, above a window, decorate a canopy  or other project. D[...]

Period : 18th century

904 - Awesome Tapestry Aubusson 18th Century,

Superb tapestry from the Aubusson royal factory dating from the 18th century.  Representation of greenery with birds A flowers wreath is depicted all around the work. This tapestry is in perfe[...]

Period : 18th century

30000 €

Aubusson Tapestry Louis XVI

Very beautiful Atelier Aubusson tapestry. See his monogram on the back. His colors and condition are exceptional. Tapestry in its original dimensions with a border at the top and bottom, certainly int[...]

Period : 18th century

3850 €

882 - Beauvais Tapestry, The Tom-tom Players, 18th Century, 108.26 In. X 76.77 In.

Exceptional tapestry from the royal manufacture of Beauvais of the 18th century. Representation of a woman carrying a wheat crown around her head and playing drums in the garden of a castle presumably[...]

Period : 18th century

18000 €

Tapestry Verdure Aubusson XVIII

Tapestry with its beautiful original frame representing a countryside landscape and its volatile. This type of tapestry fits very well at the end of a corridor or in a staircase to create a window on [...]

Period : 18th century

3800 €

Fragment Toile Of Nantes Water Of The 5 Elements XVIII

Very nice fragment of Toile of Nantes on the theme of 4 elements, this one represents the water. Collector's item for a frame, cushion top, or other project. Canvas in good condition. Dimensions: 46 c[...]

Period : 18th century

Toile Of Nantes The Departure Of Elodie For Nancy Eighteenth

Toile de  Nantes XVIIIth. The departure of Elodie for Nancy de Marius Rollet. Very elegant fragment to use in decoration or to realize a beautiful frame. Canvas doubled and slightly quilted. Dimensio[...]

Period : 18th century

Toile Of Nantes Telemachus And Eucharis Venus And The Eighteenth Love

Very beautiful Canvas of nantes Télémaque and Eucharis. Eighteenth time. Venus sends Love down to the island of Calypso. Perfect fragment to make a beautiful frame, a cushion top, a lampshade or oth[...]

Period : 18th century

Toile De Rouen Valance XVIIIth Linen And Cotton Signed A.henry

Very beautiful valance in Canvas of Rouen, time XVIII. Signed A. Henry. Room in good condition lined with very fine linen. Beautiful color slightly faded, a lot of charm. Dimensions: 193 cm x 57 cm

Period : 18th century

Tapestry "exotic Greenery"

Tapestry "Verdure exotqiue" woven in wool and silk in the Workshops of the Royal Manufacture AUBUSSON in the eighteenth century after a cardboard PILLEMENT painter carton amateur exoticism whose reali[...]

Period : 18th century

4900 €

Aubusson Tapestry 18th

Aubusson tapestry genre scene. Very good condition 18th century Bordure redone

Period : 18th century

Aubusson Tapestry "greenery" Eighteenth Time

Aubusson tapestry representing a greenery with a fountain and a castle in the distance. Border of flowers and volutes. In used condition. Eighteenth century.

Period : 18th century

1900 €

Canopy And Lambrequin Sky In Lampas Louis XV

Circa 1750/1770 France Lyon (?) Beautiful canopy sky and rectangular lambrequin in floral silk lampas dating from the Louis XV period. Lampas in orderly decor with flowering iris stems and bouquets of[...]

Period : 18th century

Aubusson Tapestry Louis XV Period

Aubusson tapestry in wool and silk depicting a shepherd, a shepherdess and their dog under a tree at the edge of a pond. Border with flowers and foliage. (the rentreillages will be carried out gracefu[...]

Period : 18th century

3800 €

Aubusson Eighteenth "important Tapestry"

Important Aubusson tapestry, eighteenth time, decorated with greenery and a lively scene of characters and animals. Details in photos

Period : 18th century

11000 €

Aubusson Tapestry, XVIIIth Century, Pastoral Scene

Aubusson tapestry representing a pastoral scene, 2.54 X 2.21 m, time XVIIIeme century, resized in its high part, restored, cleaned and doubled in the 1990s, good general state, suspension velcro.

Period : 18th century

4800 €

Aubusson Tapestry From XVIII Century Galante Scene

Aubusson tapestry of the eighteenth century Representing a gallant scene. Perfect condition with its border Dimensions: 2m20 by 1m45

Period : 18th century

2450 €

Screen Beauvais Tapestry Fragments XVIII

Screen 4 leaves garnished with tapestry borders Beauvais XVIII (4x52 cm)

Period : 18th century

3200 €

The Huntsmen Hunting Tapestry Of Lille, Eighteenth Century

Carries the mark of the city and the signature of the workshop at the bottom of the composition: a white lily flower on a gradual basis, between L. and F. and VEUVE DE GUILLAUME (active from 1738 to 1[...]

Period : 18th century

33000 €

Lampas Silk Bizarre Style Circa 1730

Circa 1730 France Lyon A panel (above table?) Silk damask in taste Bizarre from the period of Louis XV. Two strips sewn 58 cm wide double linen dogfish and woven straw braids. Lampas for the dress or [...]

Period : 18th century

500 €

Verdure Tapestry Aubusson From Time Middle XVIIIeme Tbe

Aubusson, green decor tapestry depicting a wooded landscape with factories and volatile in a frame decorated with foliage and shells contained a frame, very good condition, the colors are very well pr[...]

Period : 18th century

4300 €

Aubusson Tapestry "the Dog And Pheasant"

Tapestry woven in the workshops of the weaver with the initials IC Manufacture Royale d'AUBUSSON the eighteenth century and whose signature appears on the lower blue border. In this tapestry, the dog [...]

Period : 18th century

14000 €

Tapestry "villageoises Scenes"

Tapestry woven in wool and silk in the workshops of the Manufacture Royale AUBUSSON the eighteenth century. In a charming composition, it represents the center, perched in a tree, two young musicians [...]

Period : 18th century

14800 €

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