By safely on Proantic

On Proantic, you find objects sold only by professional antique dealers..
Each antique dealer is therefore bound to respect the rules of commerce, as well as the rules of internet commerce and distance selling.

Before purchase:
  • Before you decide to buy, contact the antique dealer and discuss all the points that interest you, either by e-mail or by phone..
  • For example, information on delivery and shipping costs, commercial guarantees…
  • If the antique dealer is close by, don’t hesitate to go and see the objects that interest you.

At the time of purchase:
  • Always ask for an invoice, which includes the description of the object and the important points (brand, materials, general condition…)
  • Every antique dealer has an interest in making transactions as smooth as possible, so don’t leave a problem or question unanswered, always contact the dealer if in doubt.

Right of withdrawal:
  • From the time of receipt of the goods, as a customer, you have a delayed period of fourteen days to reconsider your decision
  • The customer does not have to justify himself and cannot be charged any penalty, except for the return shipping costs.
  • If the customer exercises his right of withdrawal, the refund must be made within thirty days of the date on which he exercised his right.
  • The goods must be reshipped within 30 days, also in the original state.

For more information: official website of the public service
Information on Proantic’s responsibility:
  • Proantic allows you to get in touch with professional merchants.
  • Proantic does not control or participate in any way in exchanges or sales between antique dealers and their clients.
  • Proantic does not receive any commission on sales.
  • As such, disputes between customers and antique dealers cannot engage the responsibility of Proantic. (cf: legals mentions.)

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