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Cabinet Louis XV Cintrée

Wardrobe 4 doors of the south-west walnut of which 2 bent by sides Moldings of the feet resculptées in the origin

Period : 18th century

Price : 9500 €

Napoleon III Period Commode In Marquetry, Louis XV Style

Dresser curved Napoleon III marquetry decorated with flowers opening three drawers intact marble nineteenth century height 79.5 cm width 87.5 cm depth 45 cm Please contact me for more information

Period : 19th century

Price : 380 € Achat en ligne

Cabinet 18th Century In Walnut Two Doors

Beautiful and large cabinet Louis XV walnut 18th century, two doors. It is in good condition.

Period : 18th century

Price : 2200 €

Reliquary Shroud Of The Holy Veronica, Tirol Eighteenth Century

Reliquary: Carved wooden showcase, (4 small twisted columns, one on each side), polychrome, representing inside the glass door, fixed on the back: the head of Jesus Christ in bas relief, crowned with [...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 3600 €

Louis XV Commode Curved Black Relaqué. 18th Century

Commode Louis XV curved black painted. Eighteenth time. The amounts are rounded and unreinforced, the front legs arched. The facade is beautifully curved. It opens with four drawers. Handles and keyho[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 1800 €

Sculpture Terracotta Characters Mythological Orpheus And Euridice 19/20 Th Century

Interesting terracotta sculpture from late 1800 early 1900, representing mythological characters Orpheus and Euridice, high quality, cm dimension. 41 height x cm.21 width x 20 cm. depth, very good gen[...]

Period : 19th century

Price : 1400 €

Francesco Simonini - Knights After The Battle - XVIIIth

Oil on canvas, in a gilded wood frame. VIEZZI ARTE guarantees quality and professionalism at competitive prices: - Free delivery at home - Comfort Payment - Certificate of authenticity Contact [...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 6500 €

Louis XV Games Table

Very rare game table with Louis XV system (at that time they are still square shape and non-convertible console). This furniture port, mahogany, rests on 4 very arched and deeply molded feet, finished[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 1600 €

Planter In Sterling Silver Louis XV Style.

        Planter oval with a frieze fretwork foliage. The openwork body is decorated with different elements such as flowers, reeds, baskets ..... It rests on 4 feet rolling. The interior is [...]

Period : 20th century

Price : 2600 € Achat en ligne

Deux candélabres en bronze doré de style Louis XV, XIXe

Deux candélabres Bronze doré XIXe Vers 1880 Élégant duo de candélabres à trois feux en bronze doré de style Louis XV figurant deux danseuses au tambourin. 

Period : 19th century

Price : 2500 €

Christofle Housewife Model Beads 162 Pieces

CHRISTOFLE housewife model pearls composed of 162 pieces in its cabinet has 5 drawers the whole is in perfect condition, housewife acquired in the years 1965/70 brilliant condition very good condition[...]

Period : 20th century

Price : 3500 € Achat en ligne

Blown Glass Bulbs England 18th Century

Blown glass, flared cut, double bulbous foot and twisted and twisted white filaments. Round and flat base with pontil trace. Very good condition Height: 15 cm Diameter of the cup: 5.5 cm Diameter of t[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 390 €

Soufflé Glass England 18th Century

Blown glass of trumpet shape, widely flared cut, round base full and raised. Very good condition Height: 15 cm Diameter of the cup: 7 cm Diameter of the base: 6.5 cm England 18 th century

Period : 18th century

Price : 100 €

Blown Glass

Blown glass, slightly flared cut, right foot with white twisted filigree, round flat base with pontil trace. Good general condition (tiny égrenure on the botd of the foot) Height: 15 cm Diameter of t[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 100 €

Christofle Housewife Ribbons Crosses 138 Pieces

CHRISTOFLE housewife model ribbons crossed 1950s, in perfect condition !! very bright and scratch composed of 138 pieces including: 12 large forks and 12 large spoons 12 dessert forks and 12 dessert s[...]

Period : 20th century

Price : 2800 € Achat en ligne

Paire de chenets en bronze doré aux vestales, XIXe

Paire de chenets Bronze doré XIXe Vers 1880 Belle paire de chenets en bronze doré de style Louis XV représentant deux vestales et à décors de fleurs, feuillages et coquilles. 

Period : 19th century

Price : 750 €

Mirror Louis XV Era, Decor With The Eagle, Eighteenth Century Era

Large Mirror Louis XV Golden Wood, Decor Eagle, Epoque Eighteenth Century. Height: 1.90 M Width: 90 cm This mirror comes from a pretty property Bordelaise. Our mirror is in good condition.

Period : 18th century

Price : 2850 €

Paire de chenets aux putti en bronze doré, XIXe

Paire de chenets Bronze doré XIXe Vers 1880 Jolie paire de chenets en bronze doré de style Louis XV à décors de putti et de cygnes. 

Period : 19th century

Price : 650 €

Portrait Of Girl, Oil On Canvas, School Of G. Bonito, Naples Eighteenth Century

Portrait of a girl, oil on canvas, old gilded frame, school of Giuseppe Bonito, Naples XVIII century

Period : 18th century

Price : 3500 €

Element Of A Gilded Bronze Clock - France, Paris (thuret(s) (ca 1630-1738))

Signature on a small enameled plate. We found a 19th century copy that shows the same subject (lower quality) on a clock 19th century also.

Period : 17th century

Price : 750 € Achat en ligne

Bronze And Crystal Chandelier Style XVIII

Chandelier with eight lights of gilded bronze and crystal pendants some of amethyst color. Electrification redone. Work of Louis XV style 19th century. Free shipping in France and Europe.

Period : 19th century

Price : 1200 €

Bed And Bedside Norman Oak Carved

Norman bed and bedside in oak carved with floral motifs. Important bouquet of flowers in headboard, medallion decorated with a basket of fruits on the foot of bed. Columns. Work of the early nineteent[...]

Period : 20th century

Price : 1480 €

Louis XV Style Flat Office

Flat Louis XV style desk in rosewood veneer and many bronze decorations opening 3 drawers. Facade with fake drawers. Red leather upper with light wear. Work of the early twentieth century.

Period : 20th century

Price : 1400 €

Woodwork 18th In Oak

Set of oak paneling from Franche Comte consisting of panels, cupboards and communication door.

Period : 18th century

Price : 4900 €

Beautiful Woodwork Lot Oak XVIIIth Door

Very nice lot of 18th century oak paneling including14 panels for a total length of 6.30 meters (7 wide panels and 7 narrow panels), height 220 cm. Possibility of selling only wide panels. Price 3900[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 3900 €

Fauteuil Doré De Joueur De Lyre

Très rare fauteuil en bois doré d’epoque Début XIXEME , de joueur de lyre d’apres La famille qui me l’a vendu . Fauteuil probablement pour musicien vu ses petites proportions , velours d’or[...]

Period : 19th century

Price : 850 €

A Very Large Louis XV Desk

A large Bureau plat in the  Louis XV style Dimensions : Height 78 cm Width 165.5 cm Depth 90 cm A French work to 1890 Beautiful quality !

Period : 19th century

Price : 6000 €

Large Console Wrought Iron Louis XV Style, Nineteenth

Large and exceptional hammered wrought iron console, lined with foliage of acanthus leaves, the base is formed by double volutes connected by a spacer with an expanded leaf. It is covered with a magni[...]

Period : 19th century

Price : 6500 €

Louis XV Period Coffee Table Violet Wood And Lacquer From Japan - Stamp Jp Latz

Exceptional coffee table in violet wood, bronzes very finely chiseled and gilded, the two trays covered with lacquer Japan high relief. It opens with two drawers: a large belt under the top plate and [...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 7200 €

Louis XV Style Cartel

Cartel Louis XV style brown tortoiseshell rich ornamentation gilded and chiseled bronze, ringing on a stamp, steel needles revised movement key and pendulum. Height: 1,02cm

Period : 19th century

Price : 3300 €

Pair Of Encoignures XVIII Th Decor Gypserie.

Exceptional pair of large woodwork corners decorated with putti symbolizing the four seasons, topped with garlands and foliage. The curved and molded facades are topped with turquin blue marbles with [...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 9000 €

Pair Of Heads Of Angels In Pilasters - Epoque XIX

Pair of pilaster sculptures depicting winged angels, scrolls, acanthus leaves and leafy falls. These pilasters were probably originally applied to a piece of furniture. Lack a leafy fall on one side o[...]

Period : 19th century

Price : 680 €

Portrait Dandy In His Office Bayonne Bordeaux 1765

portrait of the 18 th dated 1765 on the dandy aristocrat's letter of credence writing a letter of debt of Bayonne one observes works in the library where one can read "Paris" "Bordeaux" Amsterdam oil [...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 1470 €

Louis XV Chest Of Drawers

Convenient vintage eighteenth cherry. This chest has been restored by our workshops (one end of the foot on the back: see photo). Beautiful patina and bronzes of origin. Very good general state. No ke[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 1700 €

Pair Of Bronze Candlesticks Nineteenth

Pair of bronze candlesticks or candlesticks, XIXth Louis XV style. They rest on a large stepped base, ensuring good stability. The barrel is faceted. Removable bobeches.

Period : 19th century

Price : 500 €

18th Century Fountain

Beautiful 18th century fountain in walnut, beautiful woodwork also XVIII th Complete copper fountain with tap, basin and lid. Very good condition Furniture dimensions: - Height: 161 cm - Width: 68 cm [...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 400 € Achat en ligne

French School XVIII Saint-pierre

Oil on canvas depicting St. Peter French School XVIII.

Period : 18th century

Price : 450 €

12 Cutlery Sterling Silver Louis XV Minerve Henin & Co. Monogram 2020gr 19th

Set of 12 cutlery model Louis XV (12 spoons and 12 forks) in sterling silver finely chiseled with decoration of flowers and stylized shells, handle adorned with a monogram, punch Minerva (1st title) a[...]

Period : 19th century

Price : 1000 € Achat en ligne

Rare Reflector Wall Mirror Carved And Gilded, Eighteenth

Rare applies (lacks the arm of light) in carved and gilded wood with its grooved mirror of time, XVII XVIII. Visible 97 rue de Courcelles in Paris XVII.

Period : 18th century

Library Staircase

Large library staircase in patinated walnut. Seven steps in diminutive. Provincial work of the nineteenth century. Height: 143 cm. Delivery possible.

Period : 19th century

Price : 1300 € Achat en ligne

Small Curved Showcase Marquetry Style L XV

Small showcase curved Louis XV style marquetry, with red marble top adorned with bronzes. It opens to 2 doors with inside 2 shelves in glass. Lock and key of origins. Some small veneer restorations ar[...]

Period : 19th century

Price : 900 €

Aubusson - Suite Of 4 Armchairs Louis XV Style

Suite of 4 armchairs Louis XV style gilded wood covered with Aubusson tapestry in use.

Period : 19th century

Price : 2300 €

Miniature On Metal Representative A Woman Louis XV

Beautiful Miniature On Metal Representative A Woman Louis XV era glass cracked top right gilt metal frame 19 th century

Period : 18th century

Price : 820 €

Allegory In Terracotta - Flanders, 18th Century

This terracotta represents a young woman standing, dressed in a fine tunic after the Antique. In detaching, the latter elegantly slips along the bust of our character, revealing his chest. His head is[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 8500 €

Canvas Of Nantes, Cairo Caravan XVIIIth Valencian

Beautiful  Toile of Nantes, XVIIIth time. Very elegant valance. The theme: The Cairo Caravan. Document collector, decorate a headboard, a bed of heaven, presentation over a dresser or other project. [...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 580 € Achat en ligne

Rare Plate In Earthenware Moustiers - Beginning Of The Polychrome - Around 1740

MOUSTIERS - around 1740 (beginning of polychrome in Moustiers). Plate with polychrome decoration in the center of a goddess playing lute at the foot of a shrub on a grassy mound, hill in the distance[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 1500 € Achat en ligne

Rare Moustiers Earthenware Plate - Gaminède And Zeus - Beginning Of The Polychromy - Circa 1740

MOUSTIERS - around 1740 (beginning of polychrome in Moustiers). Plate with polylobed edge polychrome decoration in the center of Gaminède and the eagle of Zeus on a grassy hill, hill in the distance,[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 1500 € Achat en ligne

Buffet Two Hunting Corps D Louis XV Walnut From 18 Es Free Shipping France

free delivery in France buffet two louis XV hunting corps walnut 18th century restored in our workshop in perfect condition (cabinetmaker graduated from Boulle school for 32 years) rare curved sides t[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 2900 €

Eight Armchairs Aubusson Tapestry

Rare suite of eight Louis XV armchairs in lacquered and gilded wood covered with Aubusson tapestry decorated with flowers in cream medallions, on a red background. The tapestries are in very good cond[...]

Period : 19th century

Price : 7500 €

Middle Eighteenth Period Lyon Panoramic View Very Rare Engraving Print Original Circa 1748

very rare very deco THE CITTA DI LIONE CAPITAL OF TUTTA THE PROVINCIA LIONESE IN FRANCIA VIEW OF LYON By Thomas Salmon Giambattista albrizzi, Venice 1748 Original print of 1748 thin folds of origin n[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 400 € Achat en ligne

Inlaid Commode Period Transition, Stamped S. ViÉÉ

Inlaid chest of drawers in rosewood, rosewood and lemon fillets, it opens with four drawers on three rows in front, gray Saint-Anne marble top. Eighteenth century period in good condition, stamped S. [...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 2500 € Achat en ligne

Inlaid Commode Inlaid Transition Stamped Schlichtig

Inlaid chest of rosewood in violet wood frames highlighted by boxwood nets and green stained wood, it opens with five drawers in three rows on the front, the simulated and offset fluted rounded front [...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 6500 €

Middle Table With 3 Trays With 1 Drawer Louis XV - Marquetry - 19th - Rosewood

Beautiful small side table with 3 trays Louis XV style. This very original little table is a 19th century work in rosewood and palissandre. The choice of these 2 woods is aos. One and the other mutu[...]

Period : 19th century

Price : 990 €

Silver Raisin Scissors Minerve Decor Rocaille.

Pair of grape scissors in sterling silver. Elegant asymmetric rocaille decor, beautiful carving quality. Sterling silver arms (Minerva punch), steel blades. Early twentieth. Dimensions: Length: 16.5 c[...]

Period : 20th century

Price : 100 € Achat en ligne

Pompadour Fireplace In Veined White Marble / Antique Fireplace

Louis XV fireplace model "POMPADOUR" straight leg Carrara white marble Good condition This fireplace is ready to be reinstalled in an interior Dimension W 142 cm x H 106 cm x D 35 cm interior 88 x 103[...]

Period : 20th century

Price : 1200 € Achat en ligne

Norman Wedding Wardrobe XIX

Norman wedding wardrobe in richly carved oak, it opens with two doors, waxed finish, ensmble in very good condition

Period : 19th century

Price : 1800 €

Venetian Office Walnut '700

Venetian desk from the first half of the 18th century, all in walnut root with cherry wood nets and an incredible safe inside with dimensions of 145 x 80 x 75 cm. The horizontal writing plane; the [...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 6500 € Achat en ligne

Mahogany Pedestal Table And Bronze Transition Style

Pedestal 1900 vintage style transition. Mahogany plaster on oak. Bronze galleries, beautiful green sea marble, small feet bronze applications. Drawer facade. Very good condition. Dimension: length 39 [...]

Period : 20th century

Price : 380 €

Service The Cafe Styles Louis XV Metal Silver Twentieth

Very good condition tray small desorgenture Can be used consists of 5 pieces A tray Length 69 cm Width 36 cm A teapot Height 25 cm A coffee pot Height 21 cm A milk jug Height 12 cm A sugar Height 16 c[...]

Period : 20th century

Price : 200 €

French Library Transition, Stamped By P.a Veaux (1738-1784), 18th Century

This elegant Louis XV / Louis XVI Transition bookcase is in rosewood and satin veneer. It bears the stamp of Pierre-Antoine Veaux, received Master on November 5, 1766. It has two glazed doors with in[...]

Period : 18th century

Price : 5900 €

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