Félix Ziem (1821-1911) The Launch Of A Battleship Cruiser Ship In Toulon flag

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"Félix Ziem (1821-1911) The Launch Of A Battleship Cruiser Ship In Toulon"
An anecdotal work by a major artist for lovers of paintings representing ships.
This oil on panel by Félix Ziem is presented in a beautiful period gilded frame which measures 75 cm by 85 cm (45 cm by 55 cm without the frame).
In good condition, it is signed lower left and represents the launch of an armored cruiser in the harbor of Toulon.

Painter of the School of Barbizon renowned for his seascapes and landscapes of Venice and Constantinople, attached to the Orientalist movement, he is considered one of the precursors of Impressionism.
The first painter to enter the Louvre Museum during his lifetime (in 1910), Van Gogh admired his painting and we can read in one of his letters to his brother Theo, when he arrived in Arles: "I would like to be able to make the blues that says Ziem, who do not age like the others ... "

Main works and museums

Toulon, visit of President Émile Loubet to the French and Italian squadrons in April 1901, Musée national de la Marine, Paris.

Gondola on the lagoon, Venice.

The Church of the Gesuati - la Giudecca, oil on canvas (54 × 75 cm), Toulon Art Museum.
Seaside, oil on canvas (54 × 65 cm), Toulon art museum.
Family life in Berditchoff (1844), oil on canvas
Street in St. Petersburg
A farmhouse near Martigues, oil on canvas
Midday landscape, oil on paper laid down on panel, 23 × 43 cm, inventory no 981, comes by descent from the artist's family (Deburaux sale, Barbizon, June 3, 2007, lot no 204, p. 96 of the catalog: Barbizon school)
Fishmonger at the market hall in Marseille, oil on canvas
Beaune Museum of Fine Arts, presentation of some of the forty works kept at the museum:
After the storm, oil painting on walnut, 40 × 54.5 cm
Column of Saint George in Venice, oil on walnut, 55 × 35 cm
Constantinople, oil on mahogany, 72.7 × 92 cm
The Campanile,
Le Môle, oil on canvas, 80 × 55 cm
Le Reposoir (1870), oil on wood, 50.2 × 83 cm, gift of his widow to the museum
The Grand Canal, oil on canvas, 138 × 191 cm
Fête à Venise (1880), oil on canvas, 73.5 × 105.5 cm
Blue veil (1911), oil on canvas, 61 × 80 cm
Speed ​​effect in a cart (1844), feather
Les Flamants roses (donation of June 28, 1912), oil on canvas, 90 × 52 cm, gift of his widow to the museum7

Les Flamants roses is one of the works that is part of the important donation of June 28, 1912 to the Museum of Fine Arts in Beaune by Madame Ziem. This donation includes 31 paintings.

Toulon, visit of President Loubet to the French and Italian squadrons in April 1901, oil on canvas, Musée national de la Marine, Paris
The Bosphorus, oil on canvas, Reims Museum of Fine Arts.
Venice triptych, oil on wood composed of:
The Bridge of Sighs (101 × 41 cm)
Gondolas on the Grand Canal (101 × 119 cm)
Column in St. Mark's Square (101 × 41 cm)
Castre Museum in Cannes
Trabucco in Venice or return to Martigues
Gassendi Museum in Digne
Venice in the morning
Grobet-Labadié Museum in Marseille
The Bucentaur
Marseille Museum of Fine Arts
Port quay in Marseille
View of Venice or Bucentaur
Fantasia on the banks of the Bosphorus
Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM) Marseille
Venice, grand canal with bucentaur (loan from the Ziem museum).

Ziem de Martigues Museum:

Self-portrait, oil and chalk on canvas, 91 × 66 cm
Street in Cairo (1860), (62 × 36.5 cm)
The Var, landscape, oil on wood, (59 × 71 cm)
Bridge of Sighs, oil on wood, (69.5 × 39 cm)
Sailboats on the Adriatic, oil on wood, 42 × 59 cm
White sails, Venice, oil on canvas, 67 × 100 cm
Yellow and red sails, oil on canvas, 73 × 97 cm
Venice, Grand Canal Seen from Saint George (1880), oil on wood, (72 × 92 cm)
Venice, grand canal, feast of the Assumption, oil on canvas, 83 × 115 cm
Venice, Grand Canal by Moonlight, oil on canvas, 68 × 107 cm
Venice, Grand Canal Seen from the Slavs at Dusk (1880-1890), oil on canvas, 88 × 135 cm
Venice, grand canal with the campanile at sunset, oil on canvas, 84 × 117 cm
Venice trabucco, oil on wood, 54 × 90 cm
Venice, moored fishing boat, oil on wood, 64 × 81 cm
Venice, Saint Mark's Square, oil on wood, (60 × 40 cm)
Venice, The Salute, by Moonlight, oil on canvas, (102 × 69 cm)
Moonlight fishermen in the lagoon oil on wood, 27 × 48 cm
Orient, scene in a palace 42 × 57 cm
the Lagoons, Venice, oil on wood, 59 × 73 cm
Canal in Venice (1884), oil on canvas
Sailboats at the entrance to the grand canal, oil on wood, 42 × 52 cm
Sailboat leaving the grand canal, oil on wood, 29 × 41 cm
Saint Mark's Square and Campanile (1880-1890), oil on wood, (69.5 × 39 cm)
The Italian fleet at Toulon (1901), ink and oil on canvas, 200 × 250 cm
The Italian Fleet at Toulon (1901), oil on wood, 82 × 99 cm
Villefranche-sur-Mer, Riviera, oil on wood, 81 × 55 cm
Martigues, fouëne fishermen, oil on wood, 64 × 80 cm
Les Martigues, return of the tartanes oil on canvas, 82 × 135 cm
Fishermen with a hawk, Martigues (1880), oil on wood, 59 × 65 cm
Fishing boat, oil on wood, 37.5 × 63 cm
La Frigate pavoisée, oil on canvas, 73 × 102 cm
Bords du Loup (1890), oil on wood, (60.5 × 82.5 cm)
Landing of the elegant slave quay, oil on canvas
Constantinople at Dusk (1880), oil on wood, (59 × 92 cm)
Constantinople, Leander's Tower, oil on canvas
Constantinople, The Sultana's Bath, oil on wood, 72 × 32 cm
Constantinople, the kiosk, oil on canvas, 73.5 × 95 cm
Constantinople, Garden with Sunset, oil on wood, 58.5 × 92 cm
Market in Egypt.

Fabre Museum of Montpellier

Sunset under the Bosphorus

Price: 19 000 €
Artist: Félix Ziem (1821-1911)
Period: 19th century
Style: Other Style
Condition: Excellent condition

Length: 55 cm
Height: 45 cm

Reference: 837732
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Félix Ziem (1821-1911) The Launch Of A Battleship Cruiser Ship In Toulon
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