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"Sale of academies, tondi, portraits 18/ 19"

Portraits, academies, tondi of the 18 and 19 century remain my favourite domain -Light-setter, sense-setter I am sometimes - None of these paintings belong to me, nor to you, for that matter - Respect, slowness in dealing with these works - It is a question of skin, it is a question of sideration, of carnation, of meaning, that a painter so unknown be he offers you in sharing; at least to pay him homage, it is a question.... - "Drop your phones, open your eyes," said a wise auctioneer during this famous sale Gérard Coze - The sacred dimension of art attracts me, questions me - A painting being much more than a piece of decoration ( all that is offered here remains of beautiful invoice, from private collections sometimes, restored for some )-

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