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Antics Woodwork, Doors, Shutters on Proantic - Art Deco - 20th Century

Ancient Art Deco Entrance Door In Oak Doors

Oak and wrought iron entrance door typical of the Art Deco period in very good condition. A door full of balance and cheerfulness with its flowery decorations, also pleasant to see from the inside.[...]

Period : 20th Century

2500 €

Set Of Three Doors In Oak And Mirror, 1930’s - Ls3708

Set of three doors in oak adorned with four square mirror with central cabochon, on each door. Work realized in the 1930’s. Oxidation traces on mirrors.

Period : 20th Century

Notary Sign 1900

rare notary sign 1900 in its juice delivery all over the world

Period : 20th Century

320 €

Paire De Porte d'Entrée

belle paire de porte d'entrée 1930 en chène avec ses grilles décoratives en fer forgé il manque un petit morceaux et il  a une vitre cassée

Period : 20th Century

Glass Handles

VERY thick and heavy bubbled GLASS HANDLE from an art deco building instead of the current Council of Europe in BRUSSELS. These handles were placed on large metal doors

Period : 20th Century

Porte d'entrée en fer forgé aux feuilles d'acanthe, XXe

Porte d'entrée Fer forgé, verre Première moitié du XXe Vers 1920 Belle porte d'entrée Art Déco en fer forgé à deux battants à décors géométriques, de volutes et feuilles d'acanthe. [...]

Period : 20th Century

3500 €

7 Verres Gravés Dégagés à l'Acide

Grand verres gravé d'époque art déco. Les motifs sont fumés dégagés à l'acide. Décor stylisé de: guirlandes de lauriers, parchemins stylisés, culots, entrelacs, et frises d'encadrement. E[...]

Period : 20th Century

3000 €

Suite Of 3 Art Deco Doors

Suite of 4 doors with Art Deco grave glass. Period: around 1930

Period : 20th Century

Entrance Door Window Glass Grid Cast Iron 220 X 100 Cm Art Deco

Beautiful old Art Deco entrance door, straight and solid, in a beautiful oak with a beautiful cast iron grid with elegant floral patterns. Dimensions height 220 cm width 100 cm thickness 38 mm (the[...]

Period : 20th Century

Pair Of Double Doors Double Faced Art Deco Style.

Important pair of double doors veneered and inlaid with light wood, They present a decoration of Art-Deco style: A large horizontal reserve half-moon shape is included in the upper part of the doors, [...]

Period : 20th Century

4000 €

Beautiful Decorative Oak Display Cases Library Window Door Art Deco

Two very beautiful facades of old windows or library. They are in a beautiful oak and are in very good condition. Dimensions FRAME included: 185 cm width 117.5 cm each? is linear of both 235 cm; [...]

Period : 20th Century

1600 €

Stunning Art Deco Windows Blond Oak Door Old Woodwork Showcase Library

Beautiful suite of antique Art Deco windows in a beautiful blond oak, all windows present, in very good condition, three pairs available, total linear 450 cm. Superb material for showcases, bookcases,[...]

Period : 20th Century

Pharmacy Art Deco Store Sign

Great Art Deco period store sign: big black Bakelite plaque pharmacy with golden hollow letters Very good general condition very thick wooden frame to clean d: 245 x 33,5 x 5,8 cm I have another plate[...]

Period : 20th Century

850 €

Pair Of Door Knobs - Jacques Adnet

Pair of door handles attributed to Jacques Adnet, mounted on a solid mahogany base and fixed on a plate of altuglass. Tan leather saddle stitching, in perfect condition. Great height for this sculptur[...]

Period : 20th Century

Pair Of Walnut Deco Doors

Pair of decorative door in beautiful walnut Milan early twentieth century

Period : 20th Century

2300 €

Ensemble de boiserie en bois exotique, Asie, XXe

Ensemble de boiserie Bois exotique rouge XXe 1ère moitié Rare ensemble de boiserie en bois exotique composé de 3 arches entourées chacune d'une parclose à gauche et d'une parclose à droite[...]

Period : 20th Century

5400 €

Pair Of Doors "go And Go"

Kitchen doors for restaurant. Circa 1930. The portholes have their original glass. Hinges are functional, high with spring.

Period : 20th Century

900 €

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