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Antics Bookcases on Proantic - Louis 15th, Transition - 19th Century

Lacquered Wood Library, Painted With Music And Vine Decor. Louis XV, XIXth.

Types de traductionsTraduction de texteTexte source Original bookcase in cream lacquered wood. It is in Louis XV style, dating from the first half of the 19th century. This elegant model has four sol[...]

Period : 19th century

4200 €

Louis XV Style Library

Beautiful Louis XV style bookcase, forged bronze, very good condition, mahogany. Height 193 cm, length 200 cm, depth 48 cm Questions, please send an e-mail Location France.

Period : 19th century

10500 €

Lxv Style Library Very Rich Ornamentation Of Chiseled And Gilded Bronzes End Of 19 Eme

a Louis XV style library in varnished oak, topped with breccia marble from Aleppo. very rich ornamentation of chiseled and gilded bronzes. inside lock box and shelf cleats in chiseled and gilded bronz[...]

Period : 19th century

28000 €

Wall Or Tabletop Shelf 3 Levels Fretwork Shapes St Lxv 19th Napoleon III

Shelf in dark contrasting wood for the uprights which are turned in an olive shape, the scalloped levels are in light cherry, in good used condition from the Napoleon III period to hang or stand. POSS[...]

Period : 19th century

270 €

Louis XV Stamped Galbée Library, XIXth Century

Louis XV Library, Curved in front, Glazed on the sides and in Front forming panels of sinuous shapes. It is In Rosewood Marquetry, It stands on arched feet ending in Openwork Bronze Clogs. It has 3 mo[...]

Period : 19th century

2250 €

Woodwork Library - 19th Century

Carved and molded wood paneling bookcase, yellow lacquered, gray rechampie and patterns of braces. It opens with four full doors in the lower part and four glass doors in the upper part. The blue lacq[...]

Period : 19th century

4900 €

Louis XV Style Library, Faubourg Work, Paris Around 1900. Linke & Sormani.

Louis XV Style Library, cabinetmakers from the Faubourg in Paris. Very good quality of execution for this furniture evoking the work of Ateliers Linke, Sormani. "Rococo" bronzes highlighting the sinuo[...]

Period : 19th century

5800 €

P. Sormani - Marquetry & Bronze Bookcase

Magnificent Louis XV style bookcase signed "SORMANI Paris". This superb bookcase is entirely in marquetry and adorned with chiseled gilded screwed bronzes. It opens with 3 doors and has shelving insid[...]

Period : 19th century

6500 €

Library, Showcase Commode Crossbow

Majestic oak bookcase Period 18th century, 19th century Small restorations to be planned, contact me for more information Many shelves Original furniture due to this crossbow chest of drawers located [...]

Period : 19th century

4300 €

Transition Style Library Louis XV Louis XVI In Marquetry, XIXth Century.

Small Louis XV Louis XVI style transition bookcase in rosewood marquetry with rosewood frames on the sides simulating three uneven panels. It is "capped" with white marble molded on three sides and op[...]

Period : 19th century

2800 €

Painted Bookcase Late 19th

Elegant Library painted in gray green in the Italian taste of Louis XV style, it opens on the front by 2 molded doors and decorated with floral scrolls, high glass part, the sides are also decorated, [...]

Period : 19th century

1400 €

Bibliothèque à Une Porte Vitrée, Style Louis XVI

Garde bibliothèque en noyer ouvrant par une porte vitrée et un tiroir dans la partie basse, décor sculpté de guirlandes et moulures rehaussées d'or. Epoque Belle époque.  A noter qu'auparav[...]

Period : 19th century

680 €

Wedding Wardrobe Transformed Into A Library In Antique Oak And Gold Leaf

Marriage cabinet transformed into a library in Antique Oak and Gold Leaf, Early 19th Century, with Musical Instrument Decoration, Mesh, 4 Shelves h: 220cm, w: 130cm, p: 49cm

Period : 19th century

7500 €

Bbiliothèque In Walnut Massif XIX

Library in solid walnut Louis XV style time nineteenth century. Model hat Constable, richly carved and molded. The doors are fixed by huge iron lace plugs. The interiors are also patinated to highligh[...]

Period : 19th century

1390 €

Large Woodwork Library 8 Doors Fruit Wood 19th

Very large and beautiful woodwork library, 283 cm high x 280 cm long. Louis XV style, fruit wood. solid doors at the bottom, and 4 glass doors at the top, original blown glasses (a slot in a corner of[...]

Period : 19th century

9000 €

A Little Library

a small painted wooden library on three levels. Italian work. 19th century Venice region

Period : 19th century

2900 €

Mercier / Paris - Transition Style Bookcase - Ormulu & Marquetery

Transition style bookcase in tuya loupe and mahogany, exceptional finely chiseled gilded bronze ornamentation, opening 3 doors, a central in glass and 2 lateral each presenting a beautiful floral deco[...]

Period : 19th century

7900 €

Hutch Two Corps Hat Constable Walnut XVIIIth Nineteenth

Hutch two bodies Hat policeman walnut eighteenth and nineteenth time, in fact it is a facade eighteenth time that was filed and reassembled in two bodies in the nineteenth or early twentieth century. [...]

Period : 19th century

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