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"The Harvest - Gabriel Prior 1806-1879"
Dimensions at sight Height: 24 cm Length: 46 cm Dimensions with frame Height: 38 cm Length: 60.5 cm Frame In gilded wood Material Oil on panel Panel from the Carpentier and Deforge house, color merchants at 8 bd Montmartre Signature Signed Au back stamp of Maison Carpentier and Deforge Dated 1863

Gabriel Prieur follows in the footsteps of his master Jean-Victor BERTIN. In 1833, at the age of 27, he won the Grand Prix de Rome in historical landscape with Ulysses and Nausicaa. He spent three years at the Villa Medici, then returned to France and settled in Barbizon, painting in a rustic naturalism, close to that of his contemporary Jules Dupré (1811-1889). In 1842 he obtained a third medal at the Salon, and a second medal at that of 1845. This discipline for the Grand Prix de Rome for historical landscape had been created in 1816 at the instigation of Louis XVIII's Minister of the Interior, Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes, in order to reconcile the desire of the painters to represent nature and the tradition inherited from the masters of the 17th century.
The Grand Prix for this particular discipline, but which put landscape painting among the major genres of painting, only took place every four years. The historical landscape had to represent a composition arranged according to the taste of the artist but responding to academic requirements, sometimes populated by ruined monuments, statues, vases, and crossed by figures representing a scene taken from history or mythology. , all enhanced by lighting effects.
The historical landscape was removed from the competition in 1863, when the sensitivity of the painters of the Barbizon School erased the classical ideal which the historical landscape claimed. Twelve Prix de Rome for historical landscape will therefore have been awarded, the first going to Achille-Etan Michallon (1796-1822) in 1817. He died at his home in rue des Petites Écuries (Paris 10th) on May 22, 1879, at the age of 72.

This oil on panel by Gabriel Prieur was painted the same year that the discipline of his Prix de Rome disappeared. If we observe the evolution of landscape painting, that of Gabriel Prieur, who, living in Barbizon since his return from Rome, is also advancing in his search for a landscape free from all "history" so as to no longer be than realistic. Realistic painting, this painting exposes an episode repeatedly treated by painters over the centuries, but does not seem to tire either painters or amateurs. Scene of rural life, the Harvests make it possible to stage the hardness of peasant work, to show man and beast working in a common effort. The scene painted by Gabriel Prieur is an episode of the harvest, the animal threshing or threshing of cereals. This technique of animal stripping is very minor compared to stripping with a flail or a roller. It is practiced especially in the south of France, mainly in Provence and the Camargue. The sheaves of wheat are placed on an area of beaten earth. Two, three or four pairs of horses (this could also be donkeys, mules or oxen), tied two by two and blindfolded, were guided by a lead held by the driver, in the center of the area. Armed with a whip, he turned the animals around while on the outskirts of the area, with wooden forks, two peasants pushed the straw under their hooves until the ears were completely broken and emptied of their grain. .
Gabriel Prieur's painting is certainly located in the Camargue. The central scene catches the viewer's attention at first sight. A squadron of horses, of which three white ones catch the light, just like the forked peasant's shirt, trample the straw. Three men are on the job, one near the horses, two on the outskirts of the threshing floor, including the one in the white shirt. Then the details appear… In the background, on the right, a grove of trees shelters resting horses and two women. Here and there, always in the background, characters and other horses can be discovered around a pile of straw...

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Price: 1 650 €
Artist: Gabriel Prieur 1806-1879
Period: 19th century
Style: Other Style
Condition: Good condition

Material: Oil painting on wood
Width: 60.5
Height: 38

Reference: 964996
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The Harvest - Gabriel Prior 1806-1879
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