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Description de l’antiquite :

"Place De Clichy - René Péan "
This "Moulin Rouge" poster was created by René Péan in 1898.

René Péan (1875-1940) was a French painter, draftsman, and illustrator known for his advertisements, particularly his theater and entertainment posters. He was active during the Belle Époque, a period of peace, prosperity, and artistic innovation in France. 

This poster, was designed to advertise the "Nouvelles montagnes Russes" at the famous Parisian nightclub, Moulin Rouge. The Moulin Rouge was established in 1889 by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller and quickly became a symbol of the bohemian and festive spirit of Paris during that time.

In this poster, René Péan captured the excitement and thrill of the new roller coaster ride, which was a major attraction at the Moulin Rouge at that time. The roller coaster in the poster was meant to symbolize not only the entertainment and fun of the Moulin Rouge but also the cultural exchange and influence that was taking place during the Belle Époque.

The poster's vibrant colors, dynamic composition, and sense of motion perfectly capture the energy and spirit of the Moulin Rouge and its roller coaster attraction. Today, Péan's "Moulin Rouge" poster is considered a classic example of Belle Époque advertising art and is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

The creation of the Moulin Rouge poster would have been influenced by the artistic movements of the time, such as Art Nouveau.
Prix: 1 800 €
Artiste: René Péan
Epoque: 19ème siècle
Style: Art Nouveau
Etat: Etat d'usage

Matière: Papier
Longueur: 86,5
Hauteur: 121,5

Référence (ID): 1103363

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"Lithographies, Art Nouveau"

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Place De Clichy - René Péan

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