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Antics Painting Of Other Style on Proantic - Louis 15th, Transition - 19th Century

Large Oil On Canvas Representing A Mythological Allegory In The Style Of F. Boucher

Large oil on canvas representing a mythological allegory in the style of F. Boucher with cherubs and dolphins on clouds Very soft and fresh shades 1 winged cherub rides a dolphin while playing with a [...]

Period : 19th century

2850 €

Oil On Canvas Representative Cupids Late Nineteenth Time

This oil on canvas from the end of the 19th century features six cupids playing archery or composing bouquets, sitting on clouds, the frame is in gilded wood with shells at the angles. This painting h[...]

Period : 19th century

1100 €

Large Oil On Canvas, Fresco In The Taste Of The Eighteenth Century, 260x513cm

Large oil on canvas, fresco in the style of the 18th century, early 19th century, 260 X 513 cm. without the border (which is to be restored), the scene alone 224 X 480 cm. We can mount on a chassis in[...]

Period : 19th century

5600 €

Very Large Oil On Canvas, Fresco In The Taste Of The Eighteenth Century, 264x672cm

Very large oil on canvas, fresco in the style of the 18th century, early 19th century, 264 X 672 cm without the banner (which is to be restored) the scene alone 230 X 650 cm. We can carry out the asse[...]

Period : 19th century

7200 €

Exceptional Oil On Canvas

Exceptional oil on canvas representing a scene in the style of François Boucher. table probably painted at the end of the XIX century or beginning of the XX century. a hole is to be noted at the bott[...]

Period : 19th century

4700 €

Military Hsp Painting By Maurice Blum

Oil on panel representing a soldier in the uniform of Maurice Blum (born April 2, 1832 in Lyon, died l1909) Painter of genre, portraits, interiors, soldiers (ref E. Bénézit) Some gaps in the frame. [...]

Period : 19th century

950 €

Petite Peinture "Angelots"en grisaille

Petite grisaille huile sur bois encadrée au motif de l'eau représentant deux angelots avec dauphin et cygne sur un cartouche entouré de roseaux bien dans l'esprit de la décoration de la fin du rè[...]

Period : 19th century

220 €

Chinoiseries, Couple Pivoting Fishing, Hst, Nineteenth

Charming Oil on Canvas, Door Top, Scene of Chinoiserie in the style of the eighteenth century, Very nice quality of painting, refined decorations of a couple fishing under a parasol held by a child, s[...]

Period : 19th century

3100 €

Breignou Great Scene Of Riders Ride By Sea Hst XIXth Century

Du Breignou BIG Scene of Riders Seaside Sisters HST of the nineteenth century Great equestrian genre scene eighteenth century. Riders in seaside observation, one of them shows in the distance a fleet [...]

Period : 19th century

Judith With The Head Of Holofernes, Mythological Painting, Germany Late Nineteenth

Large painting (oil on canvas) in its original frame (carved and gilded wood), representing Judith with the head of Holofernes (decapitated). Version of the late nineteenth century after a great maste[...]

Period : 19th century

2200 €

19th Century "the Gallant Shepherd" After François Boucher

Oil on canvas depicting a gallant scene set in a landscape of ruins. The man in the painting is hanging a garland of flowers on a young shepherdess. At her feet are her three sheep, her hat, her cane,[...]

Period : 19th century

3000 €

Painting On Wood Venetian School Nineteenth Stamp And Wax Brand Freemason

Oil Painting on Wood, Venetian school of nineteenth time in his beautiful wooden frame and gilded stucco. On the back of this painting on wood panel displaying a collection of red wax stamp with the i[...]

Period : 19th century

1600 €

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