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Antics Bronze Sculptures on Proantic - Louis 14th, Regency

Gilded Bronze, Laureate Woman, Louis XIV Period

Gilded bronze sculpture representing a laureate woman, holding castanets in her hands. Contemporary gold varnish, gold wear. France . Louis XIV period, 18th century

Period : 18th century

8 Medallions Of Popes, Early 18th Century, Patinated Bronze

Series of eight medallions of popes and religious figures: Clement of Rome or Clement I, 4th pope, from year 92 to year 99. Serge I or Sergius I, 84th pope, from December 15, 687 to September 8, 701. [...]

Period : 18th century

1200 €

Candlestick Candlestick Bronze XIXth Putto Putti Angel Signed Clodion

19th century bronze candlestick candlestick putto putti angel signed Clodion Very beautiful subject in the style of the 18th century. Height 32cm Personal delivery possible in Île de France.

Period : 19th century

400 €

Antique Bronze Henri Allouard Portrait Of Young Lady Parisienne Barbedienne Art Nouveau Barocco

antique Bronze Henri Allouard portrait of young lady Parisienne Barbedienne art nouveau Barocco perfect condition 

Period : 19th century

Cheval De Marli, Bronze After Coustou.

Cheval de Marli, after the model of Guillaume Coustou Circa 1870-1890 Rearing horse conducted by a young man Elegant bronze group with brown patina, finely chisseled Measures: H. 13.30 in. x L. 12[...]

Period : 19th century

450 €

Virgin And Child In Bronze Haute Epoque

Virgin standing holding the infant Jesus, bronze 16-17th, sand cast, beautiful old patina.

Period : 17th century

950 €

Pair Of Busts Of Helmeted Men In Antique Style Bronze

Pair of patinated bronze busts representing two helmeted men in the Antique work of the XIX in the spirit of the XVIII, beautiful patina, they resting on very decorative bronze plinths

Period : 19th century

2250 €

Splendid Plate In Copper And Gilt Bronze And Repoussé Representing The Assumption Of The Madonna.

Splendid plate in copper and gilded and embossed bronze representing the assumption of the Madonna. Central Italy from the 17th century. The votive object consists of a gilded and embossed copper fram[...]

Period : 17th century

1300 €

Gilt Bronze Flora Farnese From Louis XIV Period

Small gilded bronze inspired by Antiquity and particularly by Flora Farnese, kept at the Museum of Antiquities in Naples. It is very rare to find small bronzes inspired by the Antique before the 19th [...]

Period : 17th century

1050 €

Gilt Bronze Chryselephantine Saltimbanque Or Young Jester

Very beautiful chryselephantine gilded bronze of a young jester presented on a turquin gray marble plinth, against a brass plinth Attitude with hands hidden by the sleeves, expressive face denoting gr[...]

Period : 19th century

690 €

Alessandro Algardi Bronze 17th 1595-1654 Italy

ALESSANDRO ALGARDI BRONZE 17th 1595-1654 Italy Magnificent 17th century bronze on marble base probably bring back to the 18th Child holding the heart of Christ in his right hand and suddenly chain wit[...]

Period : 17th century

12500 €

Pair Of Allegorical Bronze Figures, French Regency Period

Superb pair of decorative bronzes representing children or putti as allegories of Arts and War. While the dimension of the pair is close to decorative bronzes such as andirons, the treatment both in m[...]

Period : 18th century

18000 €

Splendid Christ In Gilt Bronze - Sphere By Pietro Tacca (carrara 1577 - Florence 1640)

Splendid and rare Christ in gilded bronze - artistic sphere of Pietro Tacca (Carrara, September 6, 1577 - Florence, 1640), probably the workshop of the sculptors of Florence (?). Physiognomic chara[...]

Period : 16th century

3800 €

Pair Of Bronze Knights 19th Century France Louis XIV Style

Pair Of Bronze Knights 19th Century In Louis XIV Style. The sculptures of knights with brown patina, one on a bronze base and another on the red marble. Very nice work. France.

Period : 19th century

750 €

Pair Of Putti In Gilt Bronze

Very beautiful pair of gilt bronze sculpture (Putti) Origin France (1740) Louis XIV

Period : 18th century

4600 €

Putti In Bronze, Italy XVIIth Century

Putti in bronze, Italian work of the XVIIth century. Pretty patina medal, This putti or spiritto seems presented given its posture a cornucopia ... fine carving, detail of a small loincloth with a lov[...]

Period : 17th century

750 €

Pair Of Bronze Plates

Two 18th century bronze plaques on the favorite theme of Flemish painters: the innkeeper and his client ... the place to hang them was filled in with black wax.

Period : 18th century

650 €

François Girardon 1628-1715, After, Christ And The Virgin.

Profiles of the Virgin and Christ, bronze medallions around 1700, after François Girardon (1628-1715), marble background and wooden frame and gilded stucco XIXth (49x40cm)

Period : 17th century

5800 €

Two Bronzes Louis Kley Children Musketeers

2 children musketeers on marble base griotte in silvered bronze signed on the base L.Kley + founder E.Soleau Louis Kley 1833-1911 height 24,5 cm - diameter 10 cm - marble 2,7 cm in good state - desilv[...]

Period : 19th century

Jean-françois-théodore Gechter (french, 1796-1844) Bronze

"Charles Martel" signed T GECHTER "Charles Martel fighting Abderame King of the Saracens" signed bronze group Gechter (Jean-François-Théodore Gechter, Paris 1796/1844)

Period : 19th century

6500 €

Medaillon From Molière

Bronze medallion representing Molière.

Period : 19th century

300 €

Sculpture Of Louis XIV Silver Bronze And Pedestal Marble Cherry Nineteenth Century

Sculpture Of Louis XIV Silver Bronze And Pedestal Marble Cherry, XIXth Century h: 49cm, W: 43cm, W: 20cm

Period : 19th century

16000 €

Representative Plaque A Soldier - 17th Century Or 18th Century

The crosses represented seem to be the "Maltese Cross". He has spurs to his shoes -> Rider.

Period : 17th century

Christ En Bronze Doré Du XVIIème Siècle

Christ en bronze doré, travaille allemande du XVIIème siècle. Hauteur environ 11 cm

Period : 17th century

500 €

Vestal Bust Gilt Bronze Louis XIV Period

Vestal bust in gilded and patinated bronze, resting on a circular piedouche, which is fixed on a turned marble base. The hermes bust rests on a winged angel's head, surmounting itself a cartridge ador[...]

Period : 18th century

1400 €

Louis XIV Period: Pair Of Small Faunas, Bronze, Furnishing.

Nice pair of baby fauns playing together, patinated bronze small statuettes, they are pendants, a left the other right, very charming attitude, arched and chubby. Probably bronzes for pendulum or cabi[...]

Period : 17th century

540 €

Bronze "the Musketeer". By Goddart. France Late 19th Century.

Bronze "the Musketeer". By Goddart. France Late 19th Century.

Period : 19th century

Antique Bronze Late 17th "venus Callipyge" High 36 Cm

Venus Callipyge test in lost wax bronze, antique green patina. Nice proof late 17th early 18th Very good condition and original patina Height 36 cm

Period : 17th century

1280 €


Brown patina bronze of the late 18th century representing Bacchus

Period : 18th century

1600 €

Late 17th C. Gilt Bronze Crouching Venus

Gilt bronze crouching Venus on a pedestal in Louis XIV style Boulle marquetry and gilt bronze ornaments. The goddess is depicted naked, crouching and surprised as she comes out of the bath. Her head[...]

Period : 17th century

7000 €

Bronze Louis XIV

Broze representing Louis XIV on foot. Period early nineteenth

Period : 19th century

4800 €

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