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Antics Tray, Ashtray, Vide-poches on Proantic - Consulat, Empire - 19th Century

Especially Gold Bronze Empire Table XIX Center Tray

Especially table in gilded bronze Empire style - PERIOD XIXth It is in very good condition. It just lacks support but there is the screw. The mirror is well maintained despite this lack. Shipping to F[...]

Period : 19th century

Painted Plate Tray XIX

Tray in painted sheet metal in good condition, some chips on the paint visible on photos. pretty patina in green tones. total width with handles: 69 platform width only: 61 depth: 45

Period : 19th century

250 €

19th, Circolar Ormolu Bronze French Centerpiece With Mirror

19th, Circolar Ormolu bronze French Centerpiece with Mirror France, early 19th century. Period: between Empire and Charles X This splendid French centerpiece has a round base covered by a mirror,[...]

Period : 19th century

12500 €

Large Service Tray Painted Red And Gold Early Nineteenth Landscape In Italy Very Good Condition

Large oval serving tray. In painted tin with central decor animated landscape, probably Italian. Red background with gold leafy decor. Period early nineteenth, around 1830. Dimensions: 77 cm x 58 [...]

Period : 19th century

Tray In Painted Sheet, Napoleonic Subject, XIXth Century.

Souvenir of the Napoleonic cult. Large oval tray in painted sheet metal with lateral grips, representing the Napoleonic army and in the center the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. Period nineteenth centu[...]

Period : 19th century

Empire Sheet Metal Tray

Large tray in painted sheet metal Napoleon III decorated with chinoiserie.

Period : 19th century

Gilt Bronze Angel Baguier

Baguier, watch holder or jewels in gilded bronze representing a cherub, XIXth century. Plateau of white stone (some chips on the border, see photos).

Period : 19th century

280 €

Great Empire Period Platter

Large Empire period tabletop in painted and lithographed sheet metal of 9 romantic scenes and on a yellow background. Handles on each side. Note: wear and lack visible in the photos. Possibility of se[...]

Period : 19th century

260 €

Tray In Painted Metal Early Nineteenth

Very nice oval plate tray, empire period, decorated in the center of a painted scene animated by a fisherman on a romantic campaign background, fine painting, This plateau has suffered wear over time,[...]

Period : 19th century

240 €

An Empire French Centrepiece

A fine early-19th century gilt-bronze round shape centerpiece resting on three feral paw feets. The circular border is finely chiselled with small stylized stars separated by a double row of pearls[...]

Period : 19th century

Russian Sterling Silver Tray

Rectangular tray with cut sides decorated with friezes of flowers, winged sphinxes and masks. The corners are adorned with abundance horns and squirrels. Sterling silver 2380 grs Mo. Nikolay Dubrovin [...]

Period : 19th century

5800 €

Tray With Turkish Decor Early Nineteenth Sheet Lithographed Empire Period 66 Cm Ottoman

Large oval shaped serving tray. In painted and lithographed tin with Orientalist scene decor. Has 2 characters and frieze artchitecturée. Epoque early nineteenth (around 1830/1840). Yellow ba[...]

Period : 19th century

Baguier Cup Bronze Chiseled Patinated XIXth Empire.

Baguier cut in patinated bronze. Swan neck decor, flowers, leaves of water ... Beautiful condition. Early 19th century 1st Empire.

Period : 19th century

650 €

Oval Tray In Painted Sheet Metal

Oval tray in painted sheet metal, with side grips, yellow background of Siena, presenting various views of Paris and in the center a lively scene.

Period : 19th century

1200 €

1830 Empire Tray Finely Finished With Mother Of Pearl Inlaid Flower Bouquet

EMPIRE tray 1830 finely garnished with mother-of-pearl bouquet of flowers encrustation 73x56 cm

Period : 19th century

495 €

Pair Of Pedestal Tablets Pocket In Athenian "empire"

Pair of empty pedestal table pocket in Athenian, chiseled bronze and gilded with mercury. Lying on a curved base, an Athenian tripod with a lion-claw base surmounted by a sheath is topped by a swan su[...]

Period : 19th century

Plateau En Tôle Peinte Epoque Début XIXème

 Grand plateau de forme ovale en tôle peinte sur fond rouge orné de grappes de raisin or. En son centre, un sujet à l'antique comportant de nombreux symboles. Sujet peint d'après une gouache [...]

Period : 19th century

1100 €

Grand Plateau Tole Lithographed Nineteenth Epoque Empire

Large oval serving platter. Painted metal and engraved with romantic decor of szene 2 characters and foliage frieze. Period early nineteenth (to 1830/1840). yellow background with black rim. Dimension[...]

Period : 19th century

Salver Lacquered Red; France, Empire Period

Salver in red lacquer,  painted scene in the center, Tinplate, lacquer, varnish France Ep. Empire vers1810-1820 Good condition, some lack

Period : 19th century

760 €

Neoclassical Table's Center Of Empire Period, Silver Plated Bronze, 19th Century

Important neoclassical table's center decoration piece of Empire period, mirror background relays on wooden support, ringed by a balustrade shaped  like a gallery with a pearl pattern on the base, su[...]

Period : 19th century

3200 €

Large Bronze Table From Above

Especially large table bronze double patina, into two parts. Friesland is Ormolu bronze, medallions in bronze lion head decoration patina médaille.Les feet shaped gilt bronze lions paws. The bottom i[...]

Period : 19th century

19000 €

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