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Antics Objects Of Religious Art on Proantic - Renaissance, Louis 13th - Before 16th Century

Important Ciborium In Pastiglia, Italy, 15th Century

Important ciborium in carved, stuccoed and gilded wood. Foot with molded knot resting on a polylobed base, six-sided box closed by a sloped cover, decorated with stylized foliage scrolls in reserves. [...]

Period : Before 16th century

8500 €

Saint John Statue XVth Century

statue in oak carved in the round of bump representing Saint John, 15th century, Burgundy origin? He presents himself with his hands folded over his cloak. Her haughty face has a benevolent gaze fille[...]

Period : Before 16th century

3200 €

Polychrome Bust Saint Reliquary

Rare polychrome wooden reliquary bust representing a Saint with hectic hair. Original polychrome. the small window is amethyst-colored glass (relics absent) Work of the 14th Century

Period : Before 16th century

4500 €

Bronze Relief, The Crucifixion. 14th Century.

The Crucifixion, 14th century. Relief in cast bronze, scene The Crucifixion. Byzantine Empire, 14th century. Frame: 26.5 x 22.5 cm.

Period : Before 16th century

2450 €

Bénitier En Pierre 13ème Siècle

superbe Bénitier En Pierre de l'Aveyron  Travail français du13ème Siècle   à décor d arcatures gothiques, d un christ en croix et d'un ange sur sa facade Une taille à la base en bise[...]

Period : Before 16th century

5500 €

Very Beautiful Christ In Bronze XVth

Very beautiful Christ in French Bronze from the 15th century. beautiful patina, bronze nail melted in the mass.

Period : Before 16th century

700 €

Large Pieta In Stone XVth Century

Grande Piéta  en pierre calcaire anciennement polychromée , sculptée en construction pyramidale . Marie est représentée ici en une jeune femme au visage tendre empli de douceur et dont il émane[...]

Period : Before 16th century

11000 €

Limestone Bishop Statue, Gothic Period

Statue of bishop in limestone in the state, accidents and losses, nice work of sculpture, traces of polychromy, from Ile de France, Gothic period.

Period : Before 16th century

1480 €

Christ In Bronze End Of The XVth Century


Period : Before 16th century

Apostle Statue

Oak statue bearing remains of polychromy probably representing an apostle, without there remaining a precise element of identification. The pose, the treatment of the tunic, the mantle, the hair and t[...]

Period : Before 16th century

5500 €

Processional Cross Or Altar In Chiseled, Engraved And Gilded Copper - Limoges XIIIth Century

Processional or altar cross in chiseled, engraved and gilded copper Limoges 13th century

Period : Before 16th century

20000 €

Censer In Bronze, Scenes From The Life Of Christ, Egypt 7 - 9th Century

Encenser, model "Syro - Palestinian", in the shape of cup on foot in truncated cone. The frieze around the embossed censer represents: crucifixion, adoration, Holy women at the tomb as well as the Bap[...]

Period : Before 16th century

16500 €

Christ On The Cross Gothic -bronze- XVth Century

Charming Christ in Gothic bronze, France, 15th century

Period : Before 16th century

Large Carved Mother-of-pearl Medallion, South Germany Or Austria, Circa 1480

Large carved mother-of-pearl medallion South Germany or Austria, around 1480 ~ 8.8 cm in diameter (mother-of-pearl) 19 x 20 cm (frame) ______________ Christ praying in a garden on the Mount of [...]

Period : Before 16th century

4800 €

Very Beautiful Descent From The Cross In Oak With Traces Of Polychromy XVth Century

Very beautiful descent from the Cross in oak Traces of polychromy Period 15th century Height: 35 cm Width: 31 cm Good condition

Period : Before 16th century

4400 €

Reliquary From The End Of The 15th Century, Finely Worked.

This reliquary is probably from Tuscany, cylindrical in shape, it is characterized by a polylobed foot in gilded copper finely engraved with instruments of the passion of Christ between medallions, a [...]

Period : Before 16th century

1900 €

Museum Gothic Solid Silver Censer XV - XVIth Cty Chiseled Openwork, Bible Scenes & Windows

Haute épouqe Museum gothic solid silver censer, chiseled and openwork, biblical scenes in Gothic windows, twisted pedestal with gadroons, original chains and bell (only the 2 large rings ending the [...]

Period : Before 16th century

8400 €

Christ In Gothique Stone.

Beau christ en pierre sculptée du 14-15ème siècle. Sculpture en pied aux beaux drapés . Manques et érosions  visibles dûs à l'âge (cf photos ). Belle douceur dans l'expression du visage. [...]

Period : Before 16th century

1600 €

4 Antiphonary Sheets On Parchment 16th

From the 15th or 16th century, I sell four leaves, two of which are illuminated. The condition is average but considering the time, it is conceivable. Note, it is interesting, a tear taken up by a thr[...]

Period : Before 16th century

470 €

Virgin And Child

Virgin and Child in Carved Basswood, Polychrome Swabian late fifteenth century

Period : Before 16th century

22000 €

Part Of Calvary Cross Carved Stone

Carved stone Calvary cross element depicting the crucified Christ on one side and the Virgin and Child on the other side. Very beautiful fragment. French work of the 15th - 16th century

Period : Before 16th century

1150 €

Saint Of Calvary

Beautiful Saint of Calvary all in polychrome, dating from the end of the 15th century

Period : Before 16th century

8000 €

Christ In Bronze Period XVth

Sperbe and rare Christ in bronze XVth. Presented with arms crossed, head straight and especially what is rare the smiling face. The head wearing his thorn crown and dressed with his perizonium, hands [...]

Period : Before 16th century

2200 €

Statue Of St. John The Evangelist. Wood. France 15th Century.

Statue Of St. John the Evangelist. Wood. France 15th Century. Accidents, wear and tear visible on the pictures.

Period : Before 16th century

Reliquaire De Voyage XVI Représentant La Vierge

 Reliquaire de voyage représentant la vierge , Allemagne XVII siècle 

Period : Before 16th century

1500 €

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