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Antics Hand Fans on Proantic - Asian Art

Sandalwood Hand Fan With Chinese Mythological Animals, Canton, 19th C.

Sandalwood hand fan with Chinese mythological animals, Canton, 19th C. Decor in cartridges with landscapes, fantastic and mythical animals. Lotus flowers, dragons. Dignitaries in a palace. The clo[...]

Period : 19th century

1500 €

Carved Ivory Retractable Or Telescopic Fan And Its Box, Canton, China, 19th C

Carved ivory retractable or telescopic fan, Canton, China, 19th C. - With its original box The strands are carved ivory. They are telescopable. The fan goes from 21.2 cm to 26 cm in height. Decor[...]

Period : 19th century

2800 €

Black And Gold Lacquered Wood Hand Fan, Canton, China, 19th C. - With Its Original Box

Black and gold lacquered wood hand fan, Canton, China, 19th C. - With its original box Wood panels alternate with areas of painted paper. Decor of dignitaries in a garden and birds among the peoni[...]

Period : 19th century

900 €

Large Cantonese Asymmetrical Hand Fan, Lacquer Wood, China, 19th Century

Large asymmetrical hand fan, Canton, China, 19th Century Palace scenes with dignitaries in gardens. Clothes of the figures are in silk, faces in ivory. Black lacquer wood painted in gold of a simi[...]

Period : 19th century

1800 €

Cantonese Asymmetrical Hand Fan, Sandalwood, China, 19th Century

Large asymmetrical hand fan, Canton, China, 19th Century Palace scenes with dignitaries in gardens. Clothes of the figures are in silk, faces in ivory. Beige silk pompom. Sandalwood sculpted in li[...]

Period : 19th century

2300 €

Fan In Lacquered Wood And Ivory Canton China XIX

Magnificent fan the strands in black and gilded lacquered wood decorated with scenes animated with characters the leaves decorated on both sides with polychrome paintings of palace scenes animated wit[...]

Period : 19th century

700 €

Ointment Or Blush Box, Painted Porcelain. Collector's Item. China, Ching Dynasty. Guangxu Bran. Asia

Ointment box (or make up box). This powder container in porcelain with square section. It is adorned on both sides with motifs of polychrome children feasting on watermelons, the scene being set in a[...]

Period : 19th century

1380 €

Canton Fan

Fan says "100 faces" Paper sheet decorated with painted scenes of palaces. The figures are dressed in silk and the heads painted in miniature. Very good condition, Canton work for export Circa 1840 Le[...]

Period : 19th century

280 €

Pair Of Hand Screens Japan, Second Empire

Pair of hand screens ,Japan, Second Empire, cut out outline in polychrome boiled cardboard, black and gold lacquered, face decorated with characters and architecture in relief. Turned wooden handle. E[...]

Period : 19th century

Nineteenth Japanese Fan

Japanese fan decorated with birds and butterflies 19th open length 84 cm

Period : 19th century

290 €

Ball Bag, Chinese Decor In Sterling Silver

Very nice ball bag in solid silver from the 19th century Decorated on both sides with flowers of chrysanthemums and Chinese ideogrampes, relief decoration, The clasp in the shape of seeds Length: 16.8[...]

Period : 19th century

680 €

Pair Of Fans In Golden Sheet And Glass Inlays. Burma Myanmar, Late 19th Century.

Pair of gilded sheet fans and glass beads inlays. Burma Myanmar, Late 19th century.

Period : 19th century

Chinese Shagreen Case, 19th

Shagreen glasses case, China 19th

Period : 19th century

320 €

XIX Th Century Chinese Fan, Canton

XIX Th century Chinese fan. Chinese manufacturing, in Canton for export to Europe. In its original lacquered bamboo box. The leaf is painted in gouache with scenes of terraces. 40 characters whose ivo[...]

Period : 19th century

Fan From Japan, Wood Frame, Ivory & Mother Of Pearl 1890 Fan Print Asia XIXth

Old & authentic fan. Wood and ivory frame. Decor of insects and mother-of-pearl foliage. The leaf is a Japanese print. 48.5cm in diameter. In very good condition, some lack of mother-of-pearl on the f[...]

Period : 19th century

Small Mask Shaped Porcelain Powder Box.

Small powder box in porcelain. Shaped and decorated with an Asian male mask. Early 20th century.

Period : 20th Century

180 €

Framed Fan Shaped Painting Under Frame - China - 20th

FAN-COLORED INK AND COLOR PAINTING ON PAPER, FRAMED Representing a landscape with trees by the river, a poem and stamp at the top right A few scratches on the frame Dimensions 62 x 39 cm

Period : 20th Century

150 €

Minaudière Box Poudrier Sterling Silver China Indochina Chinese Sylver Man Buffalo 20th XX

Silver minaudiere, Indochina, representing a man and a buffalo in front of a temple. Solid silver tested with a touchstone. Period: first part of the 20th century. It is in good condition, no sho[...]

Period : 20th Century

Chinese Fan, Canton For Export, 19th Century

Chinese Fan. Hand painted leaf. There are thirty characters on each side on terraces and in gardens. The heads of the sixty characters are ivory carved and glued on the leaf, the clothes of these same[...]

Period : 19th century

Fan, Painting On Silk Paper, Mount Hiramaki-e Flowers & Birds, Japan Meiji 19thc

Tall sized, for this beautiful fan, hand painted on paper, and mounted with two parts of red wood, lacquered Hiramaki-e lacquer green, red, black and gold, and mounted with a ring hook, probably silve[...]

Period : 19th century

225 €

Chinese Fan For Export, "thousand Faces", Circa 1910

Chinese Fan for export, "thousand faces". Rare paper leaf, painted terraces on which we discover 40 characters with ivory heads are and silk clothing. On the reverse three cartels painted landscapes. [...]

Period : 20th Century

Cabriolet Fan, China Canton, Lacquered Bamboo, 19 Thc

Cabriolet fan. It is lacquered bamboo and wallpaper of flowers and birds. It measures 8,58" long closed and 16,14" in open diameter. Presented in its original box also lacquered bamboo also painted in[...]

Period : 19th century

Mandarin Fan, China XIX

Rare fan called "mandarin", carved ivory handle, shell tortoiseshell, character decor in living room, ivory heads, body in the evening, gouache paper background. On the other side a bouquet of flowers[...]

Period : 19th century

350 €

Dresser Box In Rosewood And Ivory

Jolie rosewood dressing table box with inlaid ivory interior with brushes and various boxes in the cover two leaves discovering mirrors, missing comb 1 and the other is damaged, Art XIXth Asia.

Period : 19th century

600 €

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