Large Pate De Verre Vase 50 Cms De Delatte Debut XX Eme Art Nouveau School Of Nancy Art Deco flag

Large Pate De Verre Vase 50 Cms De Delatte Debut XX Eme Art Nouveau School Of Nancy Art Deco
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"Large Pate De Verre Vase 50 Cms De Delatte Debut XX Eme Art Nouveau School Of Nancy Art Deco"
vase base pansu quoloquinte of delatte. appears in the catalog raisonné Even before his career as a master glassmaker, André Delatte worked in several professions (upholsterer1, banker2). Close to the Muller brothers, glassmakers in Lunéville, he visited their factory and discovered a true vocation for artistic glasswork, particularly chemistry. After studying its techniques, in 1919 he opened a first glass workshop in Nancy, rue du Faubourg des Trois-Maisons, in which he decorated pieces blown by the Muller3 glassworks. Les Verreries de l'Est SA [edit | modify the code] In 1921, André Delatte opened his first oven, a small artistic glass factory, Les Verreries de l'Est SA in Jarville, near Nancy4. From 1926, on the strength of its success, the factory expanded in Nancy itself, the engraving workshops at 16 rue de Metz3 and the head office at Quai Ligier Richier. During the same period, while success was at the rendezvous, the workforce went from around thirty to around sixty qualified workers, often simply poached from the rival Daum glassworks. Faced with this intrusion, the Daum house did not remain inactive: in 1922 it responded by instituting a lawsuit against the Delatte glassworks for infringement, but the appeal judgment rejected Daum 5. It is undeniable that if the two glassworks use the same techniques and whether the productions are close to it, in particular with acid-etched or enamelled vases with a naturalistic decoration, Delatte creates his own models which have their own style, a "trademark". Due to competition with Daum, but especially to the great crisis, the factory was the subject of an amicable liquidation in the 1930s. Subsequently, André Delatte, after the closure in 1938 of his factory in Nancy, created in Rive-de-Gier, a high place of glassmaking, the company "Art et Verrerie" - ephemeral attempts to resume production; however, this new company name Art et verrerie was not successful, and saw the definitive closure of the Delatte1 establishments. Glass works [edit | modify the code] The glass techniques which have made Delatte's productions famous are above all: the so-called berluzes1 vases, which are vases in marmoreal glass, blown, with a long stretched neck and sometimes hemmed, naturalist glassware engraved in a cameo in 'acid, of Art Nouveau inspiration (in the style of industrial Gallé), yet at odds with the tastes of the time, the Art Deco style glassware, in plain or marmoreal glass, with a hot-enamelled surface of friezes with stylized decorations . The production consists mainly in the manufacture of vases and lamps. Today recognized among the significant Art Nouveau glassmakers, despite the anachronism of his production, his works are exhibited at the Musée de l'École de Nancy7. Brands [edit | edit code] The most common mark is ADelatte Nancy, with the D in the A (ligature), The word "Nancy" is located below "ADelatte". The writing is either straight, especially on naturalist acid vases in the Art Nouveau style, or circular, especially on the side of marmoreal or berluzes vases. Finally, a signature, much less common, is sometimes reported: Jarvil1,8. This mark seems to have been used especially in the 1930s on vases and lamps with geometric decoration etched with acid9 or sandblasting. External links [edit | modify the code] To view his artistic production, website dedicated to André Delatte by his great-granddaughter. [archive] André Delatte biography, signatures, auction results, ... in English - Art Deco Ceramic Glass Light [archive] History of André Delatte in German [archive] History by Art Deco Lampe Wiesbaden Notes and references [edit | modify the code] ↑ Go back to: abc et d "the glass genius of Europe: testimonies: from historicism to modernity ..." By Giuseppe Cappa, ([archive] ISBN 9782870096802), page 244, André Delatte ↑ expertissim website, article on A Delatte .html [archive] ↑ Go back to: a and b website André DELATTE: The man with several lifes [archive] ↑ vase signed André Delatte, antiquity review flea market no 22, July 1999 , page 169 ↑ book Daum Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts of Nancy, page 31, 2000, meeting of the National Museums, (ISBN 2711840360) ↑ Patrick Charles Renaud, "Daum, the art of glassmakers, 1875-1986", Vent d 'Est, page 188, August 2012 [archive] ↑ Nancy school museum, press kit,
Price : 450 €
Artist : André Delatte (né à Châtenois En 1887, Mort En 1953 à Toulouse)
Period:20th Century
Style:Art Deco
Condition : Bon état

Material : Pâte de verre
Width : 14 cms
Height : 52 cms

Reference : 645780
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"Pâte De Verre, Art Deco"

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Large Pate De Verre Vase 50 Cms De Delatte Debut XX Eme Art Nouveau School Of Nancy Art Deco
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