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50 Cm !!! Very Large Vase With Handles Le Verre Français, Bellflower Decor, Acid Clear Glass

50 Cm !!! Very Large Vase With Handles Le Verre Français, Bellflower Decor, Acid Clear Glass

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"50 Cm !!! Very Large Vase With Handles Le Verre Français, Bellflower Decor, Acid Clear Glass"
Superb and very decorative large vase Le Verre Français, brand of Charles Schneider. Double layer glass released with acid to discover a sumptuous decoration of bellflower flowers. The bottom is in orange yellow marmoreal glass, the flowers stand out because in darker and shiny glass. Signature on the base. It is a very large vase, 50 cm !! and it is a rare model with handles. Some scratches, slight defects due to the age of this glass object, but no breakage or cracks. Period around 1925-1930 Delivery 30 euros in France, 80 euros in the EU and 150 euros rest of the world. Ernest and Charles Schneider grow up in Nancy. In 1903, Ernest Schneider (1877-1937) was hired by the commercial management of the Daum frères factory. He obtained that his young brother Charles, trained in sculpture at the School of Fine Arts in Nancy and then in Paris, proposed projects for vases and glass pastes. This collaboration continued until 19111. They founded their own company, Verreries Schneider, in Épinay-sur-Seine in 1913. The success of the company was confirmed after the end of hostilities in 1918. It had up to five hundred employees in 1925 and sold his creations all over the world. After 1918, the first pieces with enamel decoration of flowers and landscapes resume studies drawn before the war as well as those of his friend Gaston Hoffmann. However Charles Schneider quickly became the sole creator of the pieces. Gradually moving away from Art Nouveau, he developed a very personal genre, characterized by bright, powerful, contrasting colors and naturalistic and stylized patterns, perfectly symbolizing the Art Deco style of the interwar period2. The company produces under two brands, Le Verre Français and the Schneider line. The first is more accessible with 17 color variations compared to 32 at Schneider. It caused a sensation with its “butterfly” decor created around 1925 representing insects of red and blue colors on a cloudy azure background. She uses complex techniques such as bubble glass. Certain productions are signed "Charder", abbreviation of Charles Schneider. The glass market was however seriously affected by the Great Depression of 1929 and led the business of the Schneider brothers to bankruptcy in 1938. After the Second World War, Charles Schneider and his two children relaunched the adventure in the family property of Epinay-sur-Seine. After the father's death in 1953, a fire ravaged the place in 1957. However, the children continued production in Lorris (Loiret) until 1983, the year in which the Schneider glassworks closed definitively3. The crystal then replaces the glass and the absence of color succeeds the shimmering contrasts of the previous era. Robert-Henri Schneider was active until 19772. The Charder manufacturing brand: Le Verre français was the largest art glassware in Europe in the years 1920-1930. A large majority of his creations, very marked by the school of Nancy, are due to Charles Schneider. The particular and judicious association of forms, new and diversified colors (yellow, mauve, orange tango) and decorations make the creations of this artist exceptional pieces, today very popular. The jewelry bowls and the black foot bowls make the reputation of the brand. The colored glass powders melted between two or more layers of transparent glass made it possible to obtain an infinite variety of colored patterns. Le Verre français undertook legal proceedings for plagiarism from 1926 to 1932 against Verrerie d'Art Degué in Paris, property of the famous glass and industrial artist David Guéron. The latter ends up losing the lawsuit which nearly cost their existence to the two rival companies. Passed out of fashion, the appellations of Art Nouveau or Art Deco glassworks aroused renewed interest in the 1960s, first for Daum, Lalique and Émile Gallé, more in the 1980s with Schneider.

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50 Cm !!! Very Large Vase With Handles Le Verre Français, Bellflower Decor, Acid Clear Glass
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