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Curious Saber Cabal Talisman Zodiac Infantry End Eighteenth Century Louis XVI

Curious Saber Cabal Talisman Zodiac Infantry End Eighteenth Century Louis XVI

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"Curious Saber Cabal Talisman Zodiac Infantry End Eighteenth Century Louis XVI"
Curious Saber Cabal Talisman Zodiac Infantry End Eighteenth Century Louis XVI

This sword is rare because of its small size and these strange engravings which still pose many questions to the experts in old weapons. During the eighteenth century and until the end of the first Empire, one sometimes finds blades of white weapons with these strange engravings.

In this case, there are beautiful engravings, deep and still perfectly visible and in excellent condition ...

A moon in the last quarter, with a human face looking at the star of Venus.
A bundle of weapons with a bow, arrows and spears.
The mirror symbol OIIO present several times.
A circular Turkish shield behind which we can see two scimitars and the egret of a Turkish helmet, with a crescent inverted towards the ground.
A Turkish head topped with the signature or initials of the owner of the sword.
Four letters and a number.
These engravings are beautiful qualities and have been made by an artist.

Several hypotheses are possible.

1 - The lost representation of ancient zodiac signs ...

2 - A priori Egypt was a source of fascination for many people in the eighteenth and early nineteenth and these engravings seem to disappear saber blades in the early nineteenth, ie as soon as the deciphering hieroglyphs thanks to the rosette stone in 1822.
These writings would be an attempt to reproduce Egyptian writing.

3 - It is also possible that these weapons are an extension of Kabbalah (Cabala) and offers protection, a kind of talisman to bearers of these weapons. The ancient Kabbalah of 22 centuries considers that the Hebrew alphabet contains a creative power.
Note that these engravings are found on all weapons for riders, infantry and even the Mamluks ...
This practice was noted on weapons of soldiers, officers, nobles or commoners ...

The signs depicted on the slats correspond to certain missing letters that allowed dialogue with God, the Hebrew alphabet originally had 32 letters, it only has 22, 10 would have been lost. Adam knew all the letters and could communicate with God.
One of the letters on the slide would be K Kabbalah.
The knowledge of all the letters makes it possible to enter in connection with God ...

The weapon would thus be endowed with a special power.

It is conceivable that gunsmiths could have offered, for a fee, to transform the weapon of a soldier or an officer.
The transformation could have been treated either by a greedy charlatan, but also as a practice within a sect.

This sword is an amazing, very short version of a model usually named Montmorency sword.
It is a saber infantry officer non-regulatory Louis XVI.
Saber without sheath.

It is found on the painting of Barbier dealing with the Nancy affair of 1790 ... See photo.
This sword was not broken, the branches were removed, we imagine that this weapon became a "left hand" to fight with two arms, the shell being small, a strong hand, especially the left, would have been embarrassed by the branches of the sword, it is a bit of last chance weapon, it is short and compact, so we understand better the need to give it a magical character with its engraved talisman ...

There is a game between the guard and the blade, the metal is good and there are old traces of oxidation, this weapon is healthy and in good condition, except for the modification reported at the level of the guard.

Astonishing weapon loaded with stories, we imagine it in the hand of a revolutionary, taken from a royalist officer, who had this engraving executed? The royalist or the revolutionary ...

Total length of the weapon 66 cm approximately and the blade 54 cm approximately.

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Curious Saber Cabal Talisman Zodiac Infantry End Eighteenth Century Louis XVI
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