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"lucretius Giving Death Early 18th"
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""lucretius Giving Death Early 18th""
Painting representing Lucrece with bare breasts holding in hand a dagger painted on parchment of late 17th century framing gilt wood 18th. Lucretia is the girl renowned for her beauty and even more for her virtue of Spurius Lucretius Tricipitinus and the wife of Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus. During the siege of Ardea, the king's sons and their companions, including Tarquin Collatin, bet and then go to Rome to observe the conduct of their wives. The king's daughters-in-law share a sumptuous feast while Lucretius spins the wool with her maidservants.Sextus Tarquin, one of the sons of the kingTarquin the Superb, conceives a culpable desire. As a guest at Tarquin Collatin2, he tries to seduce Lucretia, but she refuses to give in to his advances. Tarquin then threatens her before raping her, thus committing two crimes at once (against a Roman lady and against the laws of hospitality). According to Livy's version, she gives in because he threatens to kill her and put in her bed a dead slave, with whom she would have committed adultery, the height of infamy. After the departure of Sextus Tarquin, Lucretia brought her father, together with Publius Valerius Publicola, and her husband, the latter accompanied by Lucius Junius Brutus. Lucretia, after explaining to them the loss of the prince and having demanded revenge, killed herself with a knife which she kept hidden. Lucretia is considered an unexemplum (the story of a person whose deeds are worthy of being imitated) because she is not guilty and does not want to give the example of a woman who survived dishonor. The story of Dionys of Halicarnassis somewhat different from that of Titus Livec, concerning the death of Lucretius. The latter commits suicide in the arms of her father in the presence of Valerius Publicola5, and it is he who warns her husband, Tarquin Collatin and Brutus6. Afterwards, the men around Lucretia, especially Lucius Junius Brutus, begin to stir up the population and march on Rome. Having joined the capital, they raise the people against the royal family and put an end to the community. Tarquin the Superb, then absent from Rome, returns in haste, but when he arrives, the gates of the city are closed to him and he is condemned to exile. It was after the rape of Lucretius that Rome would have passed from the monarchy to the Republic, in 1950 BC. J.-C., as reported by many authors antique9,10,11,12,13.paulazzopardi.com Price: 2200 € Period: 18th century Condition: Parfait état Material: Parchment Width: 28,5 cm Height: 33 cm Antique dealer's name: Paul Azzopardi Antiques Decoration 226 rue Paradis -13006 Marseille 7bis avenue des 4 Otages 84800 Isle sur Sorgues Marseille 13 006 -84800  04 91 53 05 48  06 09 30 88 67  CONTACT THE ANTIQUAIRE  ADD THIS SUBJECT TO YOUR SELECTION  FOLLOW THIS ANTIQUAIRE  SEE THE GALLERY OF THIS ANTIQUAIRE  PRINT SHEET
Price:2200 €
Period:17th century
Condition : Parfait état

Material : Parchemin
Width : 28,5 cm
Height : 33 cm
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Antiquités Paul Azzopardi
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"lucretius Giving Death Early 18th"
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