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Mystic Marriage Of Santa Caterina - Polidoro Da Lanciano
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"Mystic Marriage Of Santa Caterina - Polidoro Da Lanciano"
Oil painting on panel, representing the mystical marriage of St. Catherine, dimensions 55 x 70 without frame and 70 x 85 cm with contemporary frame of the painter Polidoro da Lanciano. The painting is in a good state of readability and represents one of the iconographic subjects most widely disseminated by the Christian tradition. presented here following an old and proven scheme that wants the child, the Virgin, St. Catherine and St. Joseph protagonists of a pleasing devotional performance, the so-called mystical marriage of St. Catherine. Maria is taken in a tender attitude towards her son, indeed supports the child who delivers the ring to Santa Caterina, while being remarkable the nakedness of the child, essential to reveal to the spectators its double nature: the divine one, declared from the luminosity emanating from all his body and from the earthly one, witness in the same way of his innocent nakedness; the scene is lined with a green cloth that opens on the background of the sky and a hill. With regard to the stylistic data, we are confronted with the work of a talented maestro active in the first half of the 16th century in northern Italy, more precisely in the Venetian region and in the lagoon, as evidenced by the characteristics typologies of the table and in which they stand out. references to the Venetian culture of the sixteenth century, mainly from Tiziana. This leads to the reconnection of this panel to the original artist Polidoro da Lanciano (Polidoro de Renzi Lanciano 1510 - Venice 1565), Abruzzo and a pupil in the homeland of Paolo Paolo de Renzi. The commercial contacts of Lanciano with Venezia quickly brought our artist to Venice, even if we do not know the year. After 1530, he became a member of the flutter of Venetian painters and met in the city the best artists of the time, so much so that the sources testify to his close relationship with Titian. Vecellio and Jacopo Palma draw the particular and characteristic style of this master, very active and titular, of the thirties of a painting workshop inaugurated in Contrada San Pantaleo, in the district of Dorsoduro in Venice. His catalog is today composed of works of private devotion with sacred conversations in the manner of Titian and Palma the old. This painting is also linked to them, in which are emphasized not only the typologies and gestures typical of Polidoro, but also the creative approach, the brilliance of the colors and the particular way of drapering that is seen in works like Madonna with child and SS. Caterina, Andrea Francesco and the holy bishop of Lanciano or Madonna with Tobia and the angel of a private collection. This is a very important iconographic subject in which the co-star of the opera S. Caterina d'Alessandria, the daughter of the royal line who, for these reasons, is represented with princely clothes and her hair well entwined with a pearl necklace; the young woman receives from Jesus the covenant which represents a vision she had before her martyrdom with the cogwheel; a story reminiscent of a young Saint Catherine who, refusing to idolize the pagan idols for her Christian faith, suffered many tortures, including the cog, but was miraculously saved by a thunderbolt launched by the Lord who destroyed the terrible instrument of torture. We can speak here of an elegant figurative vocabulary, sometimes even renewed, revealing the peculiar physiognomy of the characters, the bright and balanced colors and the slightly eccentric fanciful channel in which even slightly elongated shapes, timbric timbres and evanescent fragments stand out. . This interesting work is in a good state of conservation and has been realized with a neat oil painting technique realized with light and decisive color lines overlapping and prolonged with the tip of the brush to accentuate the contrasts. light and shadows in the drapery; the pleasant and gratifying final result was obtained with the use of a range of warm and well-balanced colors. We find the same artistic sense of our table in the Virgin with the child on the throne and the saints. John the Evangelist and Nicola from the Castle Museum of L'Aquila, but also the obvious composition of the Madonna with the child and the saints Caterina, Andrea, Francesco and Santo Vescovo (People's Bank of Lanciano and Sulmona, Lanciano). The work, like all objects, is sold with a certificate of photographic authenticity; This document identifies the object by adding value to the article. We take care of the trasport and personally organize the packing and the shipping of the works of art with Assurance all around the world. Ms. Riccardo Moneghini Expert in Ancient Paintings - Art Historian
Price:15800 €
Artist : Polidoro Da Lanciano ( Lanciano 1515 - Venezia 1665 )
Period:16th century
Condition : Parfait état

Material : Huile sur la table
Width : 70
Height : 55
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Mystic Marriage Of Santa Caterina - Polidoro Da Lanciano
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