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Edmund Blume - Portrait de bourgeois, 1868

Edmund Blume - Portrait de bourgeois, 1868
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"Edmund Blume - Portrait de bourgeois, 1868"

Edmund Blume is a German painter, born in Halberstadt in 1844 and died in Munich in 1910. He studied at the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin under Gustav Richter, and then in Munich. He worked between Vienna and Berlin, but in 1833 finally decided to establish his residence in Munich until his death. His work consists mainly of portraits and genre scenes. Several of his works have been auctioned, among others, in Christie's and Sotheby's. His painting "The Confession" sold in the John Moran Auctioneers Hall in California, forming part of their "European & Modern Fine Arts Auction" exhibition in 2012, and more recently, "Young Mother with Child", sold in Louisiana in 2014.

The subject of the portrait is a bearded man, distinguished, wearing a black crossover jacket with big buttons, also black. He wears a white shirt with high collar and twin golden on the right wrist, and black bowtie. On the left lapel of his jacket is a rectangular badge resembling a tie clip, blue and white with thin blue and red stripes. The subject also wears a gold ring on the right ring finger. Very realistic rendering and remarkable expression.

Artist: Edmund Blume (1844-1910).
Signed and dated "E. Blume" at the height of the subject's right shoulder.
Technique: Oil on canvas.
Condition: Very good condition.
Canvas: 64 x 54 cm.
Frame: 75 x 65 cm. Golden wood.

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Edmund Blume - Portrait de bourgeois, 1868

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