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Italian School 17th Century Close To Monsu Desiderio
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"Italian School 17th Century Close To Monsu Desiderio "
Italian School 17th Century Close to Monsu Desiderio The Flight of Sodom and Gomorrah Oil on canvas Framed with Black wood and golden ornementation Dim Canvas : 95 X 140 cm Dim Frame : 100 X 144 cm Behind the Pseudonym Monsu Desiderio hiddes François de Nomé (1593-1623) and Didier Barra (1590-1650), french painters born in Metz and living in Napoli (Italy) for the 1st part of 17th century. The two artists left enigmatic works showing ruins, cataclysm and fantastic architectures. Topics are from the Antic Rome, Old and New Testaments, Napoli, Venice. Monsu Desiderio has been regarded by French author André Breton as the pioneers of surrealism. Yet the life of those two artists still involves grey areas. In 2005 an Exhibition called the “Musée de la Cour d’or” in Metz intended to lift the veil on a part of their work.
Prix : 14000 €
Epoque : 17ème siècle
Style : Haute époque-Renaissance-Louis XIII
Etat : Good

Matière : Oil paint
Longueur : 144
Hauteur : 100
Profondeur : 5

Référence (ID) : 397316
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Italian School 17th Century Close To Monsu Desiderio
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