Unique Lustre Cage Bronze Doré Et Cristal Epoque Louis XV flag

Unique Lustre Cage Bronze Doré Et Cristal Epoque Louis XV
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"Unique Lustre Cage Bronze Doré Et Cristal Epoque Louis XV"
Grande lustre cage en bronze doré avec pendeloques de cristal et poignards. Epoque XVIII.

An amazing gilt bronze French chandelier, mid 18th century. Cage form; With 9 scrolled candle arms and 3 cage arms. On the cage arms there are below and above hexagonal poignards. The cage arms are decorated with rosettes and stars. In the centre there is a vase and an extra poignard and above a ball. The candle arms has numbers who are corresponding with the central plate- ‚Entablement’ . This is characteristic for the 18th century. The chandelier is festooned with stars, jasminds, facetted drops and pendants 'Cristal de Bohême’- the glass has solarized (mangan). Solarised glass came by 'Cristal de Bohême’ till 1750 very often, after that has becoming less. Till 1770 has the 'Cristal de Bohême' a yelow or amethyst coloured discoloration. Above the cage there isVase-d’enfiladefrom 3 decorative vases to cover the stam. The crown ‚Coroune’ with 12 arms, decorated with Flower Rosetten and crystals 'Crystal de Bohême’. Bas-de-lustreis a facetted bol.
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  • Prix : 18500 €
    Epoque : 18ème siècle
    Etat : Excellent

    Matière : Bronze doré et cristal
    Diamètre : 64
    Hauteur : 120
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    Unique Lustre Cage Bronze Doré Et Cristal Epoque Louis XV

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